An organic supplement to the beauty of Zemplín is a number of ruins of ancient castles, settles of squire of the pad and rebellious barons.

ruins of castle Vinné

Castle Jasenov - ruins above the district Jasenov in present a part of Humenné. The castle on woody 392 m heigh mountain built in 13. century after tartar incrusion. On suggestions of count Andrássyi was the ruin reconstructed at the beginning of our century many objects were roofed and the entry part was attached.Michalovský castle - a type of water castle on Laborec. lt was built in 11. century (1056) by Michal, a son of Palatine Rajnold. lt was formed by Gothic building in blocks with towers defending the road and the bridge across Laborec. At the beginning of 17 century it was rebuilt into a manor-housen which has its shape from 19. century.

Castle Parič - a ruin of water castle in Trebišov in English park near the manor-house. Built in 13. century as a lowland fortress. Place of settle of Hungarian concilium after the fight on Moháč. lt was destroyed by Thökölyi's army in 1686 and since then it had wasted. In year 1786 count Imrich Csáky let to build a new manor-house from materials of wasted castle.

Castle Stropkov - built in 13. century. Originally was made by wood and later built by stone. lt was a big fortress, the most east watchravelin of Zemplin. lt had two parts. Castle chapel and the tower have been preserved and in present are a part of parish church. East from it stands a manor-house n possibly one part of castle, eventually built from its material.

ruins of castle Veľký kamenec

Castle Tibava - situated on a limestone reef above district Podhorod north-east from Sobrance. lt was built in 13. century and had a watch function. In 1715 was pulled down.Castle Kamenec - is a ruin and rises above district Velký Kamenec south-east from Streda above Bodrog. lt was built by Bakša in 13. century. In 1458 was a witness of closing a pacification.

Castle Bačkov - (607 m) its ruins are covered by forest and scrubs and rise on scarred hill above a beautiful valley north-west from Sečovce, above village Bačkov.

Castle Brekov - (338 m) the ruin is on the high rope of the andezite cliff Klokočín (338 m) above Laborec, on the way between Strážske and Humenné. The castle came from the break of 13. and 14. century as a fortress faded at the end of 17. century. In year 1446 came under the castle to the fight between Hungarian king Matej Korvín and Polish king Kazimir 1V. who was beated. The castle defended a business via from Potisie to Halič. The massive entry tower, several rooms and rests of wall were preserved.

Castle Čičva - in the land register Sedliská, 8 km north-east from Vranov nad Topľou. Built in 13. century as a watch-castle of business vian first written documentary is from 1270. After suppression of professional rebellious in 1711 was on imperial instruction pulled down.

    To the most interesting and attractive architectural monuments of Zemplín belong Greco-Catholic and Orthodox wooden churches, masterworks mainly from nameless folk artificiers. They stand on uphills or are near streams and form a picturesque dominant of the region. They were built mainly in 18. century and from this period is also their interior where are memorable mural and ceiling paintings, altars, benches, pictures, wooden liturgical tools and books.

Jalová - a wooden church built in 1831. lt is lined by clay and is bleached 50 it acts like it was a walled building.

altar in the church
 of st. Bazil Veľký

Hrabová Roztoka - an Orthodox church of St. Bazil Veľký. The main altar and icons are a part of the building. Interesting is an embossed silver goblet from 18. century.

Kalná Roztoka - an Orthodox wooden church of St. Basil from the end of 18. century. Reconstructed in 1839. Meaningful is the interior furnishing of the church which forms a single-unit of the building.

Krásny Brod - an Orthodox wooden church from the end of 19. century.

Ruský Potok - an Orthodox wooden baroque church from 1740 where are sacral books from years 1626 - 1654. Reconstructed in 1970.

Ruská bystrá - an Orthodox wooden baroque church of St. Mikuláš from 1730. lt is composed into nature with high artistic and technical value. In the church is the icon of Pieta from 1700.

Inovce - an Orthodox wooden rustic church of St. Michal archangel from 1836. Near the church is a wooden bell-tower.

Topoľa - a wooden rustic baroque Greco-Catholic church of St. Michal archangel from 1780. lt was reconstructed in years 1928 - 29 and in year 1970. lt is built on uphill above the region. There is also an Orthodox wooden church from the second half of 17. century. Iconographically interesting is a picture Snímanie z kríža from 1700.

Uličské Krivé - a wooden baroque Greco-Catholic church of St.Michal archangel from 1718. lt was reconstructed at the beginning of 20.century.

Nová Sedlica - in year 1970 was a Greco-Catholic church of St. Michal archangel from year 1754 moved with its baroque interior and icons from the 1.half of 18.century into the park near a manor-house in Humenné. There is a part of open-air museum and folk architecture and living.

Vyšný Hrabovec - a wooden church, which is interesting with its individual bell-house, opened on the ground with shingle roof. In the building architecture can be seen renaissance elements.

   Preserved historical objects and cultural monuments can be admired in many parts of region. Except already mentioned castle ruins and wooden churches there are several architectural monuments - a classicistic manor-house in Michalovce, in Michalovce (Hrádok) is a chapel and a mausoleum of Sztáray, a baroque manor-house and a mausoleum of Andrássy in Trebišov renaissance manor-house in Borša, a manor-house from 1896 in the romantic idea of French water manor-house in krásny Brod, cloisteral complex of inorits in Brehov renaissance manor-house of Almássá in Hraňa, renaissance manor-house with folk architecture exposition in park in Humenné and renaissance-baroque manor-house with a park in Streda nad Bodrogom.

The museum of Zemplín

Andy Warhol

Sacral monuments imagine Premonstratesian cloister in Leles (in present there is a secondary agriculture school), a church of Visitation Of Madonna in Trebišov, churches in Michalovce, in Vranov nad Topľou, in Humenné, a church in Snina and a ruin of cloister in Krásny Brod. Except several museums of National geography there are also museums with specific orientation. There is a guitar museum in Sobrance, a literary museum of Pavol Horov in Bánovce nad Ondavou, a memorial room of Ukraine public leader Alexander V. Duchnovič in Topoľa and a pop art museum of Andy Warhol in Medzilaborce. In Dargov you may visit an exposition of military technology from the Second world war.


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